The Results Are In

Greeley Water

Last May, helveticka began work on a multi-year, three-phase public relations campaign designed to help Greeley, Colorado promote the expansion of Milton Seaman Reservoir, a critical component of the city’s award-winning water supply. Since the project is subject to state and federal scrutiny – with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers considering public input prior to making a final decision – we decided to review the effectiveness of our strategy prior to beginning work on phase 2. The results couldn’t be more conclusive: 100,000 Facebook and 1.2 million digital ad impressions every month; TV spots that reached 80 percent of the target demographic (adults 35-64); and print ads – in both English and Spanish – seen by more than 300,000 people a month through 10 local and regional publications. Addressing the fact that most people simply don’t know where their water comes from, this phase of the campaign was designed to communicate the importance of water in all aspects of peoples’ lives, reminding them that we cannot live without it. Good design, coupled with a comprehensive media buying strategy, ensured success.