The Streak Continues

Hecla Mining Company

At helveticka, every project is meaningful. But Hecla Mining Company’s 2017 annual report is particularly significant. While Creating Value through Innovative Mining shines a light on Hecla’s ever-improving productivity and safety, it’s also the thirtieth report the firm has designed for the Coeur d’Alene-based company – a streak that goes back to helveticka’s founding in 1988. Given the way things have changed in the graphic design realm since that first annual report, it’s fitting that the latest edition focuses on the rapid technological advances affecting the entire mining industry, and how Hecla’s early adoption of innovative mining techniques is improving the value proposition of everything it does. helveticka provided creative direction, design, writing, editing, and project management services for the report, which features photographs by Jim Van Gundy, Spokane; Mathieu Dupuis, Quebec, Canada; and Apolo Montiel and Rafael Gaytán, Durango, Mexico.

photo: J. Craig Sweat Photography