It All Started with an Idea for a T-Shirt…


Online retailer Helveticahaus, founded in 2015 by CK and Linda Anderson to “give back – in a creative and meaningful way – to the design profession that has given so much to us,” just added a series of coffee mugs to its line of Helvetica-themed and -inspired products – a line that has already grown to include apparel, coffee, posters, and more. The mugs feature designs from the Hh team, as well as from guest artists hailing from Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, and Spokane. As with all items at the Hh shop, 100 percent of the profits from mug sales go toward providing financial support for graphic design students at Spokane Falls Community College, the Andersons’ alma mater. In fact, the scholarship selection committee, comprising regional professionals in the design community, recently selected the 2018 award winner, who will be announced shortly. (Shameless plug: If you’d like to help the next generation of designers and take your morning coffee in a stylish mug, shop now.)

photo: J. Craig Sweat Photography