An Interactive Image Campaign

City of Greeley

After completing a six-year, award-winning awareness campaign to promote Greeley, Colorado, helveticka worked closely with the city’s communications team in 2019 to develop a new theme, a new look and feel, and, ultimately, a new direction for what was then called “Greeley Unexpected.” myGreeley, which launched in April, relies on personal perspectives to “shine a light on the opportunities, cultures, and character of a truly unique community.” Those perspectives are coming from individuals selected by Greeley as well as from residents who submit their own stories. The multi-platform campaign – employing print, outdoor, television, web, and social media – will focus on at least three areas that contribute to Greeley’s quality of life. This year, it’s the many education opportunities available to everyone (“You can learn it here”); 2021 will feature innovation; and, for 2022, the campaign will take a look at Greeley as a destination spot.