Greeley Pivots

City of Greeley

The six-year, award-winning “Greeley Unexpected” awareness campaign, developed by helveticka, was created to address common misperceptions about the northern Colorado community – misperceptions largely held by people throughout the surrounding region. Following the campaign’s success, the city’s communications group asked helveticka for help pivoting toward a new direction: Greeley residents. The objective? Remind them what makes Greeley…Greeley. After conducting research on various quality-of-life measurements and expectations, helveticka’s creative team worked with the city to develop a new theme, look, and feel. myGreeley launched in April with the first of four personal stories designed to “shine a light on the opportunities, cultures, and character of a truly unique community.” The topic for 2020 – the first of a planned three-phase campaign – was educational opportunity, summed up in the tagline “You can learn it here.” The four stories, about (l-r) music professor Jittapim “Nan” Yamprai, volunteer Mac Cruz, sculptor Shayla Lamb, and hatmaker Trent Johnson, are supplemented by reader-submitted accounts of learning in Greeley. In addition to print, outdoor, television, web, and social media, the multi-platform campaign employs digital advertising targeted at specific behaviors and interests.