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All you hear on the headsets is silence. Someone says,
“We’re live!” And the guy, he just turns white. He visibly shrinks. Without skipping a beat, the sports director says,
“Well...that’s live TV for you, folks!” And we’re laughing like crazy behind our cameras.
It’s all we could do. We go to a break, and everyone’s like, It’s good, you just have to settle down, it’ll be okay.
We come back from break. Someone says, “Time to move on, guys. This is live TV. We have to keep going.” So he apologized on the air. It didn’t matter, though. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t stop laughing. Literally. Our cameras were shaking the entire game.
“Jim’s one of the top talents in the industry. Besides having a good eye behind the camera, he can make anybody feel comfortable in front of it. Over the years, he’s worked in television for all major college and professional sports. Gifted with a beautiful tenor voice (he’s a member of the Spokane Symphony Chorale), Jim’s also an amazing stage actor.” CKA
              Jim Swoboda
ILF Media Productions Spokane, WA

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