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take out a loan and get a Canon Mark III – a legitimate DSLR. Then we got a second one. And, well... here we are.
A guy told me once that, when you start a business, you have to
say “Yes” to everything. So that’s literally what we did. “Do you guys place media?” “Yes.” “Do you have an agency of record letter?” “You bet – let me get it signed for you.” Nobody ever questioned us. Of course, every “yes” was followed by a mad scramble and phone calls to our lawyer, but suddenly, we’re an agency. Doing grown-up agency things.
And any time it came up, I just looked at it this way: We may not have actually done it before – or, for that matter, had any idea how to do it – but I knew without a doubt that we were going to do it. And we were going to do it really well.
“A long-time film editor before forming his own production company, Clint shares a somewhat unusual interest with me: We were both triple-jumpers in high school. To be honest, he hopped, skipped, and jumped much further than I did, ultimately going on to compete at the college level.” cka

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