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ALDON BAKER composer
Aldon Baker Music Group Los Angeles, CA
To be honest, I really didn’t feel like I belonged on that set. But I also didn’t care.
I was getting paid almost nothing, so I wasn’t worried about losing the gig. (Maybe I should have been – they actually fired somebody on the second day.)
But it turned out that this project actually enabled me to do audio on a number of shoots since then. Because even though I showed up with all the wrong equipment, everything worked out. The audio sounded great. And nobody knew I was freaking out the entire time. In fact, the director liked my hustle so much he hired me to do all the post-audio and to write the music. It was my first feature film score.
  “Every once in a while, you have your heart broken. After Aldon composed a beautiful
score for one of our video projects, the client rejected his work in favor of the scratch
track we’d been using to edit. I was stunned. Speechless. Pissed. It was the only time
  I can remember having to leave my office to take a walk.”

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