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 For me, work is both professional and personal. Yes, we at helveticka solve design problems for our clients – but we do so knowing that the very best outcomes meet a simple standard: exceeding those clients’ expectations (but selfishly knowing that, hopefully, the results will rise up to meet our own design expectations).
Most creatives know the real possibilities of every project before they even get started. When a client thinks of doing something special, we think of doing something mind-blowing. When they ask us to think outside the box, we’re already thinking out of this world. Unfortunately, timelines, budgets, committees, and changes can get in the way of meeting this ideal. That’s not an excuse – we accept that all work should thrive within the conditions we’re given. And sometimes, even our own design thinking falls short, which is why this standard is rarely achieved. But when the client and designer are both performing at the top of their respective games,’s magic. In these moments, we’re reminded of what’s possible – and that it takes a team of professionals to collaborate on creating something truly special.
Early in my career I saw the benefits of associating with talented people. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the finest
around – from business partners to employees, from skilled craftsmen to creative thinkers, from specialists to day-to-day vendors. These individuals have elevated our firm’s work, enhanced our capabilities and reputation, and contributed to building the high level of trust we enjoy with our clients.
To celebrate helveticka’s 30th anniversary, I reached out to 30 of those collaborators, asking each to tell a story – about themselves, about their careers, about the creative experience. I was looking for tales of adventure; death-defying feats in the face of terrible danger. Maybe even one or two making fun of clients. What I got instead was far more personal: stories that are as varied, and as distinctive, as the individuals themselves. Which, of course, is why it’s safe to say that helveticka wouldn’t be here without their contributions.
Thanks to each and every one of you.
CK Anderson
co-founder & creative director
helveticka Spokane, WA August 4, 2018

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