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     What’s next for the Donlin Gold project?
AWith permitting and scoping-level optimization work the 2017 drill program that further improved the
largely complete, when the time is right, the next steps will be to update the feasibility study and revise the project development plan. In the meantime, NOVAGOLD and its partner Barrick will commence the additional fieldwork and more detailed engineering in 2019 required to obtain the Alaska Dam Safety permits. To do that, NOVAGOLD anticipates spending approximately $24 million to fund its share of the project, approximately $13 million on permitting and associated activities and $11 million on corporate
and general administrative expenses.
The scoping-level optimization work completed to date, coupled with the receipt of the joint federal ROD from the Corps and the BLM, as well as the key federal and state permits, gives us the flexibility when the time is right to update the project development plans, incorporating the information gleaned from
geological interpretation, and also look at ways to minimize initial capital outlays while optimizing the overall execution of the project.
   “The Corps and BLM in Alaska are pioneering this joint decision to show the public that their federal government can work together and make sound decisions on environmental reviews.”
Col. Michael Brooks, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Alaska District former Commander

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