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    What contribution can Donlin Gold make to the well-being of the local communities?
ADonlin Gold is in the Y-K region of southwestern Donlin Gold has participated in hundreds of
Alaska, an area where Alaska Native residents depend largely on subsistence living and a traditional way of life. Many of the communities are in remote locations, which means the cost of living is extremely high – and employment opportunities are limited. Local youth often move to cities to attain employment, education, and workforce training, which in turn weakens the rural economies. These are some of the poorest communities in all the U.S. But Donlin Gold can help through economic stimulus and good job creation. The project could act as an exceptional incentive for people to stay in and return to their Y-K region communities, further enhancing economic development while remaining consistent with traditional ways of life.
Throughout the six-year National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, the Corps and other federal and state agencies were committed to making the best use of public input. The Corps held EIS hearings in 14 villages during the scoping phase in 2012
(which itself extended over four months), followed
by 16 EIS hearings during the draft EIS phase in 2016. Newsletters were distributed regularly to more than 12,000 people, 66 tribes were invited to participate
in the EIS process, and multiple workshops were held to provide more in-depth project information in key areas of interest.
community meetings throughout the Y-K region to highlight the benefits of the project and respond to questions around permitting and other project activities. The Donlin Gold project has made a
real connection to the Y-K region and its people,
with more than 400 meetings since 2010. In these community outreach efforts, we have spoken to many residents who are looking forward to employment opportunities and economic development in the region for the benefit of both their children and
their grandchildren, as it will allow them to continue living in their communities. Moreover, youth are motivated to further their education and achieve a higher level of training in order to participate in the future that Donlin Gold offers. This project would create thousands of jobs for residents living in areas where there are currently very few to no employment opportunities.
 “Together, we have gone above and beyond the minimum state and federal requirements to ensure this project protects our lands while economically benefiting our shareholders and region for generations to come.”
Maver Carey, former President & CEO, The Kuskokwim Corporation

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