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 corporate information
management team
board of directors
Mélanie Hennessey
Vice President, Corporate Communications
Gregory A. Lang
President and Chief Executive Officer
David Ottewell
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Ron Rimelman
Vice President, Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability
Richard Williams
Vice President, Engineering and Development
Dr. Thomas Kaplan
Chairman, NOVAGOLD RESOURCES INC.; Chairman and CEO, The Electrum Group, natural resources investment management company
Sharon Dowdall (2, 4)
Corporate Director
Diane Garrett (3, 4)
President and CEO, Nickle Creek Platinum Corp.
Gregory A. Lang (3, 5)
Igor Levental (4, 5)
President, The Electrum Group
Kalidas Madhavpeddi (1, 2)
Corporate Director
Clynton Nauman (1, 3)
CEO, Alexco Resource Corp.
Rick Van Nieuwenhuyse (3, 5)
President and CEO, Trilogy Metals, Inc.; former CEO, NOVAGOLD RESOURCES INC.
Anthony Walsh (1, 2)
Corporate Director Independent Lead Director
Members of:
1. Audit Committee
2. Compensation Committee
3. Environment, Health, Safety, Sustainability, and Technical Committee
4. Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee
5. Corporate Communications Committee
                                  This annual report was printed carbon neutral, investing in renewable energy and clean technology projects.
  transfer agent
 For information on share transfers, lost certificates, or a change of address, contact:
1.800.564.6253 (toll-free in Canada and the U.S.) 1.514.982.7555 (international direct dial)
 PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  share listings
 TSX, NYSE American: NG
Issued and outstanding at January 16, 2019, 325.1 million

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