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I started my company out of a bedroom
in my house. I had a fat mortgage,
 credit card debt, a couple of cars in the
 garage, and a beautiful new wife. One
day I get a call from a guy at KHQ. He
 tells me a company named WestCoast
 Entertainment wants to meet with me.
 Grease is coming to town and they want
 to do a promotion with one of my clients.
 It went so well that two months later
 I get a call directly from WestCoast.
 They offer me the opportunity to take
 over the advertising for all the Broadway
 tours they’re bringing into Spokane.
  Ryan Pirello
Obviously, I take on the account.
So when the first engagement of The
  Power Marketing
Lion King is coming to town, it’s my job
  Spokane, WA
to create a strategy to sell tickets for its
 six-week run – something like 200,000
 in a metro area of 150,000. So we did.

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