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Six months later I get a call from the
vice president of domestic tours from
 “As my company evolved into a full-
  service creative firm, our need for
  complex media research and buying
  Disney Theatrical Productions. He says,
services began to be provided by
  “Ryan, we want to fly you to Disney
Ryan’s company. And with the rise of
  headquarters and talk to you about
  consulting for The Lion King as it tours
So I’m sitting in their office with
digital advertising, the ability of his
 sophisticated software to both monitor
   the country.” So of course the first thing
sweaty palms, and here comes
and track effectiveness – in near-
   I do is go downtown to Anderson &
 Emami and buy a $3,000 Italian suit.
Jack Eldon, the VP. The first thing he
real time – has helped keep our
   says is, “Hey Ryan, great to meet you.
messaging relevant.” CKA
 Nice suit.” I knew then I was going to
  I remember getting out of the cab for
land the account – as long as I
 didn’t say anything stupid.
 the meeting and thinking, My God,
 I’m just a dude from Spokane who
 barely graduated from high school,
 and I’m in New York to meet with
 Disney. I lifted up my hands and
 shouted, “YES!!!” But because I was
 in New York, nobody cared.

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