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It was probably my first real business trip to Seattle. Must’ve been around 2003 or so, just a couple of years after I’d gone full-time with Hydrafab. We had recently completed a pretty big project for who was, at the time, one of our most important clients, and I was in town for a follow- up meeting with some of them. Sort of a debriefing. $ After we wrapped up, I said, “Hey, let me take your team out to dinner tonight to celebrate.” Seemed like the right thing to do. So we go to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – I’d never been before – and we sit down to a great meal: amazing steaks, some drinks, some wine, a lot of laughter...just a really good time all around. $ And then I got the bill. $ One look and I was sure that somebody had screwed something up. There were only seven of us at that table and it’s like $1,700. I’m thinking, This can’t be right. This cannot be right. But here I am, sitting

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