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in front of all these people – clients of mine, people vital to my company – and they’re watching me. What could I say? What could I do? $ Pay for it, that’s what. So I took out my credit card and gave it to the waitress.
And the whole time I’m thinking, No
one at this table realizes that I just
worked three months to pay for this
meal. And I’m not about to let them find
out. $ It was such a defining moment
in my life. That sudden realization that
this is what business is all about; that
sometimes you just have to say, “What
the hell.” I understood even back then
that it was all about relationships. And it’s true. I still work with some of those guys. 40 / 41
chris henjum
hydrafab northwest spokane valley, wa
“A metal fabricator comes in handy when you work on 3D projects. For more than 20 years, Chris’s company has been making components for our exhibits, displays, and trade shows – and providing expertise during on-site installations. He had about four people working for him when
we first met. Now he’s up to 10 times that.” cka

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