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I guess it’s really about looking for those opportunities that feed your soul, and where you’re working with a team that wants to do something special. This could be tied to a business opportunity,
or it could be a cultural opportunity. But the thing is, you need to embrace those moments – and then make the most out of them. Put your all into them every single time. Those are the moments that, 10 years later, you look back on and you’re like,
Oh man, I found a new gear. I pushed myself. And all of those feelings, they belong to you. You own them. Nobody else does.
 a n d
v e
e i
p a r o k a
m y l r o t n e r
i e |
“Heading back to Spokane after one of many road trips to Yakima to visit one of his clients, Andrei introduced me
to Cave B Estate Winery near the Gorge Amphitheatre, where we sampled the Viognier. It’s a spectacular setting. I loved it so much that Linda and I spent our 25th wedding
anniversary there.” cka
  t w
e n t y
f i
s p
n e ,
w a

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