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So there’s four or five of us, and we’re designing one animation and rendering it on two machines while we’re creating the next one. You’d arrive at 9 a.m. at the giant conference room they’d rented out and work all day. Take a break for dinner – they always had lunch brought in – then work till 4 a.m. You go back to the hotel room, but you’re so jacked up from working, you can’t fall asleep, so you lay there for an hour. Get an hour’s sleep, wake up, shower, walk across the street to Starbucks, and repeat the whole thing. So during the three weeks I was there, I think I saw the sun maybe four times.
That was my first trip to New York City.
        “While still an employee – and before he moved on – Mike wrote an unsolicited yet honest critique of my firm. It included how persnickety (I believe his word was ‘anal’) my business partner and I were when it came to art direction. We continue to collaborate today, and all these years later, his assessment is still spot-on.” c.k.a.
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