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 community well-being corporate social responsibility
Establishing strong and collaborative working relationships with the communities where we operate is essential to earning and maintaining the social license to operate – a license that’s based on a solid foundation of respect for the values, the culture, and the language of the people in the Y-K region, including helping to maintain their subsistence way of life. It’s only possible through an atmosphere of openness, transparency, constructive dialogue, and mutual respect on the part of all stakeholders.
   respect for culture and traditions
 2018 marked seven consecutive years of funding the Tahltan Literacy Camp in Northern British Columbia, bringing First Nations culture and education to youth in remote parts of the province. We also produced and distributed Yup’ik-English dictionaries in the Y-K schools and to locals, and funded the successful “Elder Mentor” program for Native Alaskans.
  community outreach and involvement
 In addition to collaborating with our Native Corporation partners to visit more than 30 villages throughout the Y-K region to provide updates on Donlin Gold, we met with traditional village councils, residents, and students in 2018. Lost and found material was collected from local schools in preparation for the Donlin Gold Annual Clothing Extravaganza, while NOVAGOLD’s recently retired Executive Vice President and General Counsel David Deisley raised over $20,000 to support homeless youth through the Covenant House sleepout event in Anchorage.
 We don’t do it for the recognition, but it’s nice to know we’re making a difference. Donlin Gold received an award from EXCEL Alaska for its sponsorship of and involvement in youth education in the Y-K region. NOVAGOLD received the 2018 Platinum Award for Corporate Excellence from the American Exploration and Mining Association for its permitting efforts at Donlin Gold, and for the company’s strong safety culture, environmental stewardship, and community engagement throughout the process.
  economic benefits
 The mining industry in Alaska provides significant benefits to the state: 4,500 direct mining jobs (9,000 total when indirect are included) and $250 million paid to Alaska Native Corporations. Donlin Gold is looking forward to becoming a significant contributor, with 3,000 jobs anticipated during construction and 1,400 during
mine operations as per the 2011 feasibility study.
 2019 objectives
f continue outreach presence with Native Corporations in the Y-K region f fund initiatives that help cultural preservation
f participate in events and initiatives in villages throughout the Y-K region

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