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 environmental stewardship corporate social responsibility
 NOVAGOLD supports a project development plan that considers full life-of-mine risks and opportunities – from exploration through to development, operations, and finally closure and reclamation. The process begins with local communities and our Alaska Native partners, who offer generations of traditional knowledge about the local environment; we use this knowledge to help guide the location, layout, and design of the project infrastructure to avoid sensitive and culturally important habitats and landscapes while maximizing the project’s efficiencies.
  fish and wildlife
 2018 was our third year conducting rainbow smelt spawning studies in the middle Kuskokwim River, confirming where and how this important subsistence species spawns during a very narrow timeframe. We also developed detailed fish habitat restoration plans for areas of the Crooked Creek watershed previously impacted by historic placer mining; these will restore and reconnect stream and pond habitats that will support coho salmon and resident fish populations in the drainage.
  waste management
 We sponsored and participated in Clean Up Green Up efforts in 43 villages in the region, collecting refuse for proper disposal in the community landfill. We also sponsored and took part in The Green Star® Waste Backhaul Project, working with six Middle Kuskokwim villages to identify, classify, package, and backhaul on barges nearly 20 tons of hazardous waste and materials.
  climate change
 Because western Alaska is one of the areas where impacts from climate change have been the most pronounced, we will continue to evaluate opportunities to limit our carbon footprint. Donlin Gold’s baseline data collection and analyses (air, water, soils, and biological conditions) have been planned to help account for future changes. Such changes have been incorporated into all aspects of the project design.
  energy use
 Donlin Gold will require significant energy to provide power for mining, processing, and ancillary facilities. We therefore continue to evaluate the project design for opportunities to reduce power demands and use cleaner sources of energy.
  land reclamation
 NOVAGOLD will continue to manage the site through each phase of development to ensure the protection of environmental and biological resources, including reclaiming areas no longer needed for exploration activities.
  2019 objectives
f continue to advance knowledge of biological conditions in the Y-K region through smelt and salmon studies; look for opportunities to improve existing conditions through pilot-level fish restoration work in the Crooked Creek watershed
f expand the hazardous waste backhaul project to additional Y-K region villages; support the village of Crooked Creek in landfill operations; conduct additional village-specific landfill and waste management improvement activities

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