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After working in or visiting many of the world’s greatest mining districts, I know firsthand what exciting geological upside looks like. Donlin Gold embodies that promise. In our
view there is simply no comparable project in the world today.
Advancing permits, enhancing value, and realizing a vision
Luck and a laser-like adherence to excellence represent powerful forces. We definitely know how lucky we are. Donlin Gold is a rare, high-grade open-pit gold development project located in a mining-friendly jurisdiction – Alaska – where the rule of law is embraced and investors can feel secure. It is our privilege to develop such a unique project at a time in the sector’s history when promising assets in welcoming parts of the world are desperately needed. Our steadfast commitment to outperform for our shareholders, as evidenced by our moving the project up the value chain, while never compromising on best practices and keeping all of our promises, is a function of a management strategy rooted in the ethos of doing things right. Such a high level of quality control throughout our operations could not have been maintained were it not for the dedication of Donlin Gold’s stakeholders. The achievements of the past year – from securing major state permits and advancing project engineering and optimization to maintaining broad and all-encompassing community engagement – reflect our collective commitment to a consistent vision that has arisen from a long-lasting collaboration among NOVAGOLD, Barrick, and the Native Corporation property owners, Calista and The Kuskokwim Corporation (TKC).
Our track record of achievement was further enhanced earlier this month when Donlin Gold received final easements for the access road and fiber optic cable, as well as the receipt of the final land leases, land use permits, and material site authorizations for the proposed transportation facilities on state lands, including the airstrip and upriver Jungjuk Port. In addition, the Alaska Department of Natural Resources’ (ADNR) Division of Oil and Gas is finalizing the right-of-way authorizations for the buried natural gas pipeline, following the issuance of the preliminary decision in March 2019. Such exceptional results took tremendous leadership and unwavering attention to detail and transparency from Donlin Gold, NOVAGOLD, and Barrick, with the support and contributions of Calista and TKC and the communities closest to the future mine site. We greatly appreciate the dedicated efforts of the ADNR in advancing permits and approvals for the project and their commitment to environmental and governance best practices, as well as genuine social responsibility.
In mid-2019, Donlin Gold commenced a multi-year site investigation program required to collect additional geotechnical information to advance the engineering work on the tailings facility and other water retention and diversion structures from a feasibility-level study to a final construction package, as required for the project’s dam safety certificate application to ADNR. The safety of the tailings facility constitutes one of Donlin Gold’s most important priorities as they continue to provide the requisite human and financial resources to ensure that the work is done to the highest standard and according to the best design practices.
Gregory A. Lang
President & CEO
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