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Greg Ritchie
Northern Exposure Productions Spokane Grip and Lighting Spokane, WA
“Serving at various times as camera crane operator, lighting consultant, and drone operator, Greg has been our partner on several video projects. We were on a road trip when I was captivated by his amazing tales of adventures in exotic locations. That’s when I first realized that sharing these collective stories might be interesting.” CKA
                   But I’m still
not making the
connection. I’m like, “What are you talking about, ‘take down?’” And the kid who led me to the TV points to me and says,
“Rrrrr! Steve Austin! Take down!” It had never occurred to me until then, but apparently I really look like Steve Austin. So here I am, traveling from country to country – Asia, Middle East, doesn’t matter – and I’m thinking they’re making fun of the camera guy with all his gear. Nope. It’s because I look like Steve Austin.

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