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 On the first day of shooting, there were four actors on the set: Aidan Quinn, Oliver Platt, William H. Macy, If you watch the movie – and I hope you do because I’ll get another quarter of a penny – at the end credits there’s a brief moment where all these names are on screen at the same time, from Johnny Depp to
Don Hamilton.
It’s not as much of a fluke as it sounds. I studied set and lighting design and acting at the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts and at UC Irvine, then worked for years at the South Coast Repertory Company in Costa Mesa. So I’m completely ill-equipped for what I actually do for a living. “I had been at an ad agency less than a week, and, at the tender age of 22, I was already art directing my very first commercial shoot, a table-top image for Hollister-Stier Labs. So when I showed up at Don’s photography studio, I had no idea what to expect. Turns out I got to work with the most gregarious person I’ve ever known – then, and even now.” CKA
director of photography Hamilton Studio Spokane, WA
Don Hamilton 13

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