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Every 90 days I get a check from MGM and United Artists – residuals from playing the UPS man in Benny & Joon. $15-$35, depending on the sales. Not only that, I got 12th billing!
I’d read in the newspaper that they were going to be bringing a company of actors up to Spokane to do a movie. They were going to cast a few local roles, like the video store owner and the UPS man. On the day of auditions, 4,000 people stood in line around the Convention Center trying to get a shot. But I knew the name of the casting director and where the production office was located. So I showed up with a cardboard box and a clipboard. I said, “I’m looking for Rick Montgomery.” A guy pointed and said, “Through the wardrobe department, past the set shop, all the way in the back.” So I walk right in and I say, “You Rick Montgomery? Sign here.” I give him the box and I’m out – because UPS drivers don’t hang around. Rick opens the box a few minutes later and there’s my 8x10 and résumé. He thought I was the UPS man before he knew I was an actor looking for work. A couple of hours later I
get a call to meet the director.

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